The Vietnam War

A far reaching history of the US’s contribution in the harshly troublesome furnished clash in Southeast Asia.


Peter Coyote10 episodes 2017
Huy Duc8 episodes 2017
Duong Van Mai Elliott8 episodes 2017


Ken Consumes and Lynn Novick’s ten-section, 18-hour narrative arrangement, THE VIETNAM WAR, recounts to the epic story of one of the most noteworthy, troublesome, and dubious occasions in American history as it has at no other time been told on film. Instinctive and vivid, the arrangement investigates the human measurements of the war through impactful declaration of about 80 observers from all sides-Americans who battled in the war and other people who restricted it, just as warriors and regular citizens from North and South Vietnam. Ten years really taking shape, the arrangement incorporates once in a while observed and carefully re-aced authentic film from sources far and wide, photos taken by the absolute most commended photojournalists of the twentieth Century, notable transmissions, suggestive home motion pictures, and mystery sound accounts from inside the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon organizations. THE VIETNAM WAR includes in excess of 100 famous melodic accounts from most prominent craftsmen of the time and frequenting unique music from …