Gisaengchung – 2019

All jobless, Ki-taek’s family checks out the well off and marvelous Parks for their job until they get entrapped in a startling episode.


Kang-ho SongKim Ki-taek
Yeo-jeong JoPark Yeon-kyo
So-dam ParkKim Ki-jung
Woo-sik ChoiKim Ki-woo
Sun-kyun LeePark Dong-ik


Jobless, poverty stricken, and, most importantly, sad, the unmotivated patriarch, Ki-taek, and his similarly unambitious family- – his steady spouse, Chung-sook; his skeptical twentysomething little girl, Ki-jung, and his school age child, Ki-charm – involve themselves by working for peanuts in their smudged cellar level loft. At that point, by sheer karma, a worthwhile business suggestion will make ready for a treacherously inconspicuous plan, as Ki-charm summons up the fearlessness to act like an English guide for the high school little girl of the princely Park family. Presently, the stage appears to be set for a continuous victor take-all class war. How can one dispose of a parasite?