Casablanca – 1942

A negative American ostracize battles to choose whether or not he should help his previous darling and her criminal spouse escape French Morocco.


Humphrey BogartRick Blaine
Ingrid BergmanIlsa Lund
Paul HenreidVictor Laszlo
Claude RainsCaptain Louis Renault
Conrad VeidtMajor Heinrich Strasser


The tale of Rick Blaine, a skeptical world-tired ex-patriate who runs a dance club in Casablanca, Morocco during the beginning periods of WWII. Regardless of the weight he continually gets from the neighborhood specialists, Rick’s bistro has become a sort of sanctuary for exiles looking to get unlawful letters that will assist them with getting away to America. However, when Ilsa, a previous admirer of Rick’s, and her better half, appear at his bistro one day, Rick faces an extreme test which will raise unanticipated entanglements, awfulness and at last a horrendous choice to make.